Foreseeing the change we cause to be in the world.


The Oakland Outpost of the People's Library

for the Apocalypse (OOPLA)



The Oakland Outpost of the People’s Library for the Apocalypse (OOPLA) preserves human knowledge for the posthuman era, serves as a repository of transparent gravity for the use of human time travelers, and hosts the Timescaping Project. It is maintained by Archivist Elizabeth Aamot, postpoet, in association with Peter Chron and Mary Hill.

The circulation desk is now open for postpoem exchange. For a sample, send an envelope containing a self-addressed, stamped postcard with the correspondence area blank or enter into correspondence by submitting your own original postpoem (with reply address indicated) to:

Elizabeth Aamot, postpoet

PO Box 10536

Oakland, CA  94610-10536